Austin Davis Sample Pack

  • $80.00

Introducing the Austin Davis Icon Sample Pack


Unlock the power of Austin Davis, a revered drummer and producer in the worship genre, with his meticulously crafted sample pack. For over 15 years, Austin has shaped the contemporary worship music genre, and now he's sharing his sound and his expertise with you.

Inside this remarkable collection, you'll find a versatile array of drum sounds that have powered some of the biggest worship hits of our time. Including but not limited to songs from Kari Jobe, Lauren Daigle, Cody Carnes, The Belonging Co, Passion Music, and many more. Each sound is a testament to Austin's unwavering creativity. 

This collection offers a versatile array of drum sounds, ranging from heart-pounding kicks to intricate snares, all recorded with pristine clarity. Austin's dedication to excellence guarantees professional-quality sounds that capture the essence of worship music, infusing your projects with his personal touch and authentic spirit.

What makes this pack truly special is that the loops are curated with songwriters in mind, seamlessly aligning with your creative process. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, these samples and loops provide the inspiration and foundation you need to craft songs that stand the test of time.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Every sound in this pack has been expertly mixed by renowned mixing engineer Sam Gibson. Sam's touch ensures that each sample in this collection boasts a level of sonic excellence that's unparalleled in the industry.

This sample pack is designed for your convenience, compatible with all major DAWs, ensuring easy integration into your creative workflow.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience this sonic masterpiece. 

The Austin Davis Sample Pack is the missing element of excellence in your projects. Unlock your potential and embark on a journey of musical inspiration like never before.


The Austin Davis Sample Pack includes: 

2042 - One Shots

1578 ( Deluxe: 1956 ) - Loops

2 - Kicks

7 - Snares

5 - Toms

3 - Crashes

2 - Hi-hats

4 - Rides

6 - Different Mixes including:

( Close, Natural, Rooms, Full Send, Verb, and SMG Blend)

Presets Available: 

Logic, Ableton, Battery, Trigger 2


File size - 11.32 GB ( Deluxe: 12.38 GB )

Multi velocity file types available :

 - 48 kHz 24bit  .wav 

 - 44.1 kHz 16bit .wav ( SPD-SX files )