COMPED ( Free Drum Sample Pack )

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On the house... No charge... Don't worry about it... FREE. 

That's right. Your eyes are working. We said Free! 

COMPED is a collection of samples that we at Drum Sample Shop are thoroughly proud to offer you. We call them the "Lone Wolf" Samples, the ones that stand out on their own. The rule breakers and the hooky players. They in there never ending purpose searching quest couldn't seem to find a home... until well... we put them together in a Sample Pack. We hope you enjoy this ever growing DSS collection that will continue to always be FREE. If this is your first Drum Sample Shop sample pack then we welcome you! It only gets more INSANE from here. Enjoy!

( This is just the start. More Drum Samples will be added as time goes on! )

The COMPED pack includes : 


49 - One Shots 

23 - Loops


File size - 94.4 MB

File types available : 

- 48 kHz 24bit .wav