Austin Davis on Writing Drum Parts & Using Drum Samples



Ever wondered how worship drummers like Austin Davis craft drum parts that elevate worship songs to new heights? Today, Austin Davis unpacks stories of how he writes drum parts and uses drum samples to unleash his creativity. In this captivating series, Austin dives deep into the art of worship drumming, revealing his creative process behind iconic songs like "The Cross Has the Final Word." & "Take You at Your Word.” Get ready to explore: How Austin thinks holistically to create drum parts that serve the song's dynamic and lyrics. The alchemy of mixing live drums with samples for an electrifying dynamic. Exclusive tips on using samples and loops to breathe life into writing new worship songs. Whether you're a worship drummer or songwriter, this series offers invaluable insights for elevating your drum sound and songwriting. DON'T MISS IT! WATCH PART 2 HERE -

00:00 - Intro

01:20 - Austin's Studio Drum Sound

02:40 - Writing Drum Parts for The Cross Has the Final Word

13:00 - Writing Drum Parts for Take You at Your Word