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A Snare Sample to rule them all.

Legend has it that since the beginning of time this snare has roamed the open fields and plains, wild and free.

Beyond the reaches of man... no one has ever been able to tame this beautiful, spirited creature. 

Some claim to have witnessed a mere glimpse of such a snare. Their feeble attempts of naming it such as "Black Brass", the "Imperial Lugger", or even as simple as the "Black Beauty"! The disgrace to such an immortal beast! 

We, at Drum Sample Shop, have searched far and wide... we are now able to lay the rumors of this glorious snare to rest, once and for all. 

Our mission was to truly capture it in its rare and natural form. After searching every tone of the earth, we proudly put our mark on this majestic being, and call it the "BLACK STALLION"


Black Stallion is our take on the world’s most famous snare drum. The 6.5 x 14” black brass shell provides a warm, but cutting metallic tone that cuts through any mix. Truly the "work horse" of all snares.


The BLACK STALLION pack includes:


- 192 one shots 

- 4 unique tunings ( High, Med, Low, Payden )

- 3 dampening options ( Wide Open, Medium Dampening, Full Dampening )

- Tight and Big mix blends 

- Multi Velocities


Presets Available: 

Trigger 2


File Size - 126.4 MB

File Types Available :

- 48 kHz 24 bit

- 44.1 kHz 16 bit ( SPD-SX Files )