DUSTED Sample Pack

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01101010100 It started with all of our files being renamed. Our loops began to not sound as they once were. The samples we made had been completely distorted beyond all recognition... that's when it dawned on us. 1101010100E'VE BE1N HACKED.




The first ever Drum Sample Shop Collaboration Pack!


We unwillingly partnered with the legendary drummer, producer, and occasional chaos orchestrator, Joe Clegg of Dust Palace, to offer you the crunchiest, trashiest, most destroyed drum sample pack of today's modern age. Joe pulled out all of the stops to make his mark on this pack. He took our clean acoustic samples and morphed them into a sample library collection of distorted little monsters . All while injecting his private stash of destructive beat making machines to completely dominate the tonal space. Just when we thought the evil deed was done... he went after our pristine loops. Chopping them into disfigured soundbits that could only be conceived by a true agent of chaos. He left us in ruin all with a smile on his face...


Dusted is a carefully orchestrated blend of acoustic and electronic drum samples. Incorporating Joe's extensive collection of rare and obscure drum machines with our long line up of acoustic drum samples, it was easy to accomplish such a beautiful marriage. We tasked Joe to set out and capture every bit of tape delay, cassette distortion, and analog warmth he could get his hands on. He therefore locked himself in his TONE kitchen for over 2 months in order to run every sample, every loop through some of the most iconic analog gear that has been used on countless records for decades. Not only did our samples come out the other end of Joe's lab completely unrecognizable but he even recreated our loops by adding his own twist to bend and mold into a true Dust Palace product. Joe Clegg and Dust Palace have delivered a complete sonic wave of emotion... surpassing all of our expectations at Drum Sample Shop. We hope you enjoy this pack as much as we have creating it.

This pack is perfectly suited for Pop, Hip-Hop, Cinematic and Experimental productions. 


The DUSTED sample pack includes:


229 - One Shots

111 - Loops

15 - Kits

9 - Drum Machines 

( Roland 808,Roland 707, Roland 626, Simmons SDSV, Linndrum, Oberheim DX, Roland Rhythm 330, Rhythm Ace, Yamaha DD7 )


Presets Available:

Logic, Ableton, Battery,


File size - 687.2 MB

File types available :

- 48 kHz 24bit  .wav

- 44.1 kHz 16bit .wav ( SPD-SX files )