Icon Series Bundle

  • $160.00
  • $180.00

Introducing the Icon Series Bundle, featuring the highly sought-after Grammy nominated mixing engineer Joe Carrell and the prolific award winning drummer Austin Davis. The Icon Series Bundle lives up to its name and is absolutely ICONIC.

What could be a more ideal way to dive into the world of samples than with the exclusive collection and expertise of these two Icons. These packs are indispensable additions to your collection.

This bundle includes an extensive personalized selection of drum one shots, loops, builds, and an impressive 11 different mix options. It serves as the ideal foundation for perfecting your sound in both studio productions and live performances.


The Icon Series Bundle includes: 

Joe Carrell Sample Pack

Austin Davis Deluxe Sample Pack


- 5,142 One Shots

- 3,676 Loops

- Drums: 12 Kicks, 18 Snares, 12 Toms

- Cymbals: 5 Hi Hats, 11 Crashes, 6 Rides, 

- Mixes: 2 Close, 2 Natural, 3 Rooms, 1 Verb, 2 Signature and ATMOS 


Presets Available:

Logic Pro, Ableton, Battery, and Trigger 2


File Size - 24.59 GB

File Types Available :

- 48 kHz 24 bit Wav

- 44.1 kHz 16 bit ( SPD-SX Files )