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Third .wav samples? As if…more like Fourth .wav samples. Let’s be honest though... They are so underground you've probably never even heard of them... UNTIL NOW!

One day whilst sitting at our favorite community seating table, at our favorite locally sourced sample shop, with the sound of a gritty crackle coming from a vinyl record blessing our ear drums through some old repurposed speakers, we heard the sound of a drum tone, so  It dawned on us! We should make a sample pack based on 3 specific tones that have inspired us throughout the years. Not just any run of the mill tones... but organic, gritty, raw, and completely non GMO samples!

Thus we created the INDIE-ANNA TONES Sample Pack! Offering 3 distinctly different kits, it is sure to accommodate any indie genre lover's tonal needs. With each kit having multiple snares, kicks, and toms to offer you as much versatility in your music as possible. The 3 kits have a unique ambience built in to the sound. Hear the warmth of the outboard pre's on each sample, the unaltered grit of the compressors through every loop, and the physical presence of vintage mics in every cymbal. We specifically chased after the sounds of 3 artists that we have grown up admiring and have drawn musical inspiration from. From matching drums that would have been used on these artists’ records, to even replicating the exact micing techniques that were used! We attempted to get as close to the original recordings as possible, but as always... adding the DRUM SAMPLE SHOP character. Enjoy! 


The INDIE-ANNA TONES pack includes: 

352 - One Shots

389 - Loops (Prince of Neon, The International, Lame Gazelle & ALT versions)

5 - Kicks (Boxer, Brainy, Charmer, Glove, Grumpy)

6 - Snares (Arizona, Glimmer, Gossip, Pioneer, Snare On Fire, Sorrow)

4 - Sets of Toms (Bloodbuzz, Forest, Ghost, Grey)

5 - Cymbals (Crybaby Hats, Fireproof Crash, Gritty Hats, Pyro Ride, and Revelry Hats)


Presets Available: 

Logic, Ableton, Battery, Trigger 2


File size - 1.4 GB

File types available :

 - 48 kHz 24bit  .wav

 - 44.1 kHz 16bit .wav ( SPD-SX files )

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