• $453.00

Own the Ultimate Name In Drum Samples at a discounted price! ( 25% Off )

Masterpack is the entire collection of Drum Sample Shop samples, loops, and custom presets. Featuring every sound from each of our packs to date!

All Drum Sample Shop sample packs include their own unique character. We have spent hours curating what we believe to be some of the best sample libraries in today's market. When you purchase Masterpack we guarantee you'll never have to search for samples again! 

Masterpack Includes: 

9,064 - One Shots/ Multi Velocity Hits

9,212 - Loops 


Presets Included:

Ableton, Logic, Battery, Trigger 2


Packs Included:

USxUK, King Gong, Black Stallion, Acro-Man, Indie-Anna Tones, Dusted, Suprasonic Hip Hop Vol.1, Joe Carrell Sample Pack, Austin Davis Deluxe Sample Pack , and Brass Monster! 


- Masterpack includes all of our packs at the time of purchase. As new products are released they will NOT be included or updated from the original time of your Masterpack purchase. They will have to be purchased separately. When new products are added the price will adjust accordingly, we will always ensure this is the easiest way to own every Drum Sample Shop sample pack!

- If you already own one or more Drum Sample Shop packs we strongly recommend continuing to purchase our packs separately as purchasing Masterpack would only duplicate what you already own. This is a one stop shop pack and we are unable to offer a customizable "pick and choose" option at this moment.