The Studio Kit Sample Pack

  • $35.00


Introducing Andrew Masters' Epic Drum Sample Library!

Andrew is one of a kind.

He's the guy who's constantly blowing our minds with his amazing YouTube videos, podcasts, and epic projects. And guess what? He's created his very own drum sample pack called "The Studio Kit"!

Crafted over 2 months in Andrew's personal studio, this sample pack captures the essence of perfection. With carefully chosen mics, precise placement, expert drum tuning, processing, and phase alignment, this drum sample pack is designed to enhance your production and songwriting process. Also included are Multi mic options so you can blend in each individual mic as you see fit just like working on a console! From raw and live to hyped and crunchy, these samples will take your music to EPIC levels!


The Studio Kit is ideal for Rock, Pop, and Worship genres. It's a must-have addition to your sample library. 


What's Included:

  • 312 Drum Samples 

  • 87 Mixed One Shots 

  • 604 Loops

  • Cymbal and Hi-Hat Loops 

  • Kick and Snare Loops

  • Drum Fills

  • Tom Patterns

  • Multi Mic Options
  • Presets  - Logic, Ableton, Battery and Trigger 2
  • Quality: 24 bit / 48k wav