ACRO-MAN Sample Pack

  • $20.00

All he needed was a heart...

ACRO-MAN is our take on the ever popular aluminum snare drum. The 5 x 14” shell provides a dry and crisp tone with loads of "crack" and "splat". Originally introduced as a student model in 1962, it was quickly adopted by pro drummers because of its tone and versatility at an affordable price. It’s a tone every drummer and producer should have in their arsenal.

We at Drum Sample Shop know the Acro Snare has gone through many different changes since 1962, such as changes in the alloy’s that were used. We realized that to truly capture its unique character we had to include all the different versions of the drum! The ACRO-MAN pack includes the “original” 68' model with its brighter tone and more "brushed" aluminum look, the 70's model with the more "matte" looking finish that added a darker and warmer tone, and lastly the 80's Black Galaxy model with its completely painted outer and inner shell, giving this drum its final tone change with a tighter more focused sound.

Acro - Man is suitable for All types of genres

The ACRO-MAN pack includes:

- 68’ Acro 

- 70s Acro 

- 80s Black Galaxy Acro


- 576 one shots 

- 4 unique tunings ( High, Med, Low, Payden )

- 4 dampening options ( Wide Open, Medium Dampening, Full Dampening, BFSD)

- Tight and Big mix blends 

- Multi Velocities


Presets Available: 

Trigger 2


File Size - 964.9 MB

File Types Available :

- 48 kHz 24 bit Wav

- 44.1 kHz 16 bit ( SPD-SX Files )