Are you spending hours mixing a single song, feeling overwhelmed by numerous tracks, and struggling to make your mixes sound professional?

If so, you’re not alone...


How DSS Mixing Templates Solve Your Problems


Simplify Your Setup:

With all routing and color coding pre-configured, these templates take the stress out of session setup, saving you valuable time.


Standardize your mixing approach to ensure uniformity across all your projects, leading to more streamline and professional results.

Organize Your Sessions:

The templates are organized in an easy-to-manage way, reducing the overwhelm caused by numerous tracks.

Give You Educational Support

Each template includes a video explaining the thought process behind the setup, helping you develop a professional mixing mindset.


Benefits of DSS Mixing Templates

At DSS, we’re passionate about supplying tools to creators, and our mixing templates are integral to our daily workflow. From creating drum samples to mixing full live records, these templates are essential for a streamlined process. Take the guesswork out of mixing, and use these templates as a launchpad for your musical projects. Every track has all the EQ, compression and effects ready to take you to the next level. Simply drag and drop your audio tracks into to the organized session and start adjusting from there! 


Where You’ll Be After Using DSS Mixing Templates


Professional Sounding Mixes:

Achieve consistent, high-quality mixes that sound professional. Utilizing Pro grade Plug-Ins.

Increased Confidence:

Gain confidence in the music you’re putting out, knowing your mixes meet industry standards.

More Creative Time

Spend less time on technical setup and more time focusing on the creative and fun aspects of mixing. Get back to Enjoying the process!

Which Template is right for me? 


Pro Tools

Pro Tools is renowned for its precision and reliability in professional audio environments. DSS Mixing Templates for Pro Tools are tailored to leverage the platform's robust feature set, giving you seamless integration and optimal performance. These templates come pre-configured with a comprehensive array of track layouts, routing setups, and plugin chains that reflect industry-standard practices. By utilizing DSS Mixing Templates, Pro Tools users can significantly reduce setup time, allowing more focus on the creative aspects of mixing. The templates are designed to handle a wide range of audio projects, from music production to post-production, making them an indispensable tool for enhancing workflow and consistency.




Logic Pro

Logic Pro is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and powerful creative tools, making it a favorite among musicians and producers. DSS Mixing Templates for Logic Pro are crafted to harness the full potential of this versatile DAW. These templates feature an intuitive structure with pre-set tracks, effects, and routing configurations that facilitate a smooth and efficient mixing process. Logic Pro users will benefit from the streamlined workflow and the ability to quickly adapt the templates to various genres and production styles. DSS Mixing Templates for Logic Pro provide a solid foundation, enabling users to focus on creativity and sound quality without getting bogged down by technical details.

In summary, DSS Mixing Templates are essential tools that can elevate the efficiency, consistency, and quality of your audio production. Whether you're mixing a chart-topping hit, editing a cinematic soundscape or running a complex broadcast mix, these templates provide a reliable foundation to help you achieve your creative vision with precision and ease.


From The Pros

  • “The UK & US pack provides incredibly unique drum samples. They are punchy, clean and are easy to drag and drop. I have found major use for them across all genres, and I was impressed by their diverse selection of snares, toms, & more. I highly recommend to any producer or mixer looking to up their game!”

    - Sean Cook, producer and songwriter
 (Toby Mac, Willie Jones, Evan Craft)

  • “The US x UK sample pack is incredibly useful! I love the US kit punchy and large sounds. The peace treaty samples are awesome for layering and adding size to any drum sound. I've got these samples saved in a drum rack in Ableton, locked and loaded!”

    - Kevin Rooney, Producer.
 (Rascal Flatts)