Joe Carrell Sample Pack

Engineered and mixed by renowned Nashville-based producer/mixer/recording engineer Joe Carrell, this pack is a culmination of his 20+ year career, delivering unmatched quality and versatility. With an impressive track record that includes 11 Grammy-nominated albums, Dove award-winning songs and albums, and 33 chart-topping hits, Joe Carrell brings his expertise and experience to this carefully curated collection. This Sample pack is not only representation of Joe's mastery in the studio but also his personal collection of mics, drums, and gear that have shaped his iconic sound.

Designed specifically for mixers, producers, and songwriters, the Joe Carrell Icon Drum Sample Pack offers an extensive range of tones sampled from Joe's personal drum collection. These drums have been hand-selected by Joe himself, representing the pinnacle of his quality and character. Whether you're looking to replace existing drum performances or enhance your natural drum mix, this pack provides the tools to achieve award-winning results.

For mixers, the pack offers a wide variety of recorded drum samples, that cater to a diverse selection of genres and styles. Each sample has been expertly crafted to deliver exceptional clarity, punch, and presence, reflecting Joe's commitment to excellence in every detail. Producers and songwriters will also find immense value in this pack, as it features an array of pre-mixed loops performed by DSS Co-Founder Payden Hilliard. These loops, created with Joe Carrell's iconic drum sounds, are instantly ready to ignite your creative process. Whether you're starting a new song from scratch or need the perfect addition to your existing production, these loops offer unparalleled inspiration across pop, rock, and country genres. Two main kits provide the extensive range of sounds, allowing you to explore and experiment with various sonic textures.

What further sets the Joe Carrell Icon Drum Sample Pack apart is its innovative ATMOS Mix Ready feature. By harnessing advanced recording techniques and spatial audio processing, each drum sample and loop was crafted to capture the ambience and depth of a true immersive experience. This breakthrough technique allows you to position the drums precisely within a three-dimensional soundstage, immersing your listeners in a truly captivating sonic landscape. Whether you're producing music for film, virtual reality, or simply seeking to create an unforgettable listening experience, this ATMOS Ready Drum Sample Pack provides the tools to transport your audience to a whole new level of engagement. The meticulously captured room ambience, natural decay, and stereo imaging of each drum sample create a sense of depth and realism that was previously unattainable.

By incorporating the Joe Carrell Icon Drum Sample Pack into your music production workflow, you'll gain access to the same level of excellence that has contributed to numerous Billboard top tens and award-winning tracks. The pack's versatility, exceptional sound quality, and the iconic touch of Joe Carrell make it a must-have for professionals and aspiring musicians alike.

The Joe Carrell Sample Pack includes: 

3100 - One Shots

1720 - Loops

10 - Kicks

11 - Snares

7 - Toms

8 - Crashes

3 - Hi-hats

2- Rides

5 - Different Mixes including ATMOS

Presets Available: 

Logic, Ableton, Battery, Trigger 2