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A snare sample to rule them all…

Since the beginning of time, this majestic snare has traversed boundless plains, untouched by the hand of man, embodying untamed freedom and timeless allure. At Drum Sample Shop, we've captured the essence of this immortal creature, bringing its unparalleled beauty to your fingertips.

Crafted from a black brass shell, the Black Stallion projects a warm yet piercing metallic tone, effortlessly slicing through even the densest mixes. It stands as the quintessential "workhorse" among snare drums, ready to elevate your compositions with its unmistakable character.

We've sampled every facet of this legendary drum, offering an extensive array of sonic possibilities to suit every musical vision.

Recorded at Gnome Studios, each sample represents the spirit of this iconic instrument, ensuring authenticity and unparalleled quality.


  • 14" x 6.5" Black Brass Snare


  • Tight: Featuring only overheads and close mics, captured with world class microphones.
  • Big: Adding a blend of room mics for a broader, more expansive soundstage.


  • 192 One-Shots sampled at 6 distinct velocities.
  • 4 Unique Tunings (High, Medium, Low, Payden), providing versatility for any musical context.
  • 3 Dampening Options (Wide Open, Medium Dampening, Full Dampening) to tailor the snare's resonance to your liking.


  • Compatible with Trigger 2, streamlining integration into your production workflow.

File Types:

  • Available in 48kHz 24-bit (Hi Res) and 44.1kHz 16-bit (SPD-SX Files) formats.
  • File Size: 126.4 MB