KING GONG Sample Pack

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Don't be scared... Be TERRIFIED!

In this epic quest our heroes Cade Slater aka Payden ( The Cymbal Bandit ) and Dr. Quincy Murdoch aka Jonny ( Cymbologist ) Go in search for the 8gb Wonder of World. On their treacherous journey they encounter and document many sounds unknown to know man kind in search for the perfect specimen... KING GONG.

King Gong is our collection of all the cymbal sounds we believe you’ll need. From standard Hi-Hats all the way through to more creative Cymbal FX tones, these samples will enhance your productions and mixes.

Every cymbal in this pack was captured with condenser overheads to give you a crisp and brilliant sound as well as Ribbon mics, which give you a darker, warmer tone which can be perfect for brighter cymbals.

We found programming cymbals using one shots to be a less than desired robotic sound, so we recorded loops at 7 different tempos for the hi-hats and rides that you can drop in to your projects when you need a realistic human feel!

We used a variety of cymbal brands and sizes, spanning many decades to bring you this pack, there is definitely something for everyone!

The KING GONG pack includes: 

646 - One Shots

4178 - Loops

6 - Hi Hats

5 - Crashes

6 - Rides

7 - FX Cymbals (Including the Gong!)


Presets Available :

Logic, Ableton, Battery,


File size - 8.34gb

File types available :

 - 48 kHz 24bit  .wav

 - 44.1 kHz 16bit .wav ( SPD-SX files )